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emmy is a Swedish brand who stands for feminine, well-fitted garments that embrace and enhance the female shape – just like in the good old days!

Right from the first sketch we design to suit all body types and ages, and our target customer group is women of ages between 25 and 65! Since we want everybody to be able to feel gorgeous in an emmy-piece our size range stretches from size 6 to 24 (UK sizes).

emmy does not follow trends but prefers to develop slowly within its own retro based style, and celebrate every woman’s unique beauty through timeless design. Nothing makes us happier than customers who return to our design simply because they have found well fitted favorites among our collections. By focusing on beauty and quality that last for years we also help slowing down the pace of the fashion industry, reduce needless mass production and thus, help protecting the environment.

When you buy an emmy piece you get real value for you money! We put a lot of thought, effort and professionalism into every detail on every piece, however, our prices are not excessive. What our customers are paying for is basically the high quality of the garments.

emmy collections consist of various types of pieces in order to create a complete wardrobe, and are strongly adopted to the seasons.
Since we think that you should be able to feel and look beautiful no matter the weather we, unlike many of our competitors, make a Spring/Summer collection and an Autumn/Winter collection every year. Therefore, you can expect light summer dresses as well as knitted garments and warm wool coats.

The designer behind the brand is Emmy Nilsson, a Swedish young lady with a degree from Copenhagen Academy of Fashion Design. After freelancing for two years Emmy decided to start her own business, and her collections are now available in over 50 shops and webshops all over Europe, and are becoming more and more available also in USA and in Australia.
emmy design AB.
Karlskrona, Sweden.
+46 70 286 95 37
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