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emmy is a Swedish womenswear brand making feminine well-fitted garments in high quality
that embrace the female shape in all its glory - Like in”the good old days”!
The designs are made in up to ten different sizes since beauty comes in all ages and sizes!

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Welcome to our new website!

Here is our own top 5 list of new site features:

1. Choose how you want to sort our garments.
Maybe you want to sort by newest or most budget friendly?
Or maybe you're a retailer and want to see what's currently flying off the shelves,
or how well stocked those shelves are. Well, now you can!
You do all the sorting in the pink field above the articles visible after navigating into a product category.

2. We've added in customer accounts now! Take a look at the upper right corner to get started.
With an account you can for example save your shipping details for future purchases.

3. Now you can join our newsletter and stay up to date on new releases and sales!
Also, when you join our newsletter, you get 10% off of your first purchase!
Find out more on how to join by checking the pink field higher up on the main page.

4. On our new gallery page you can have a look at all the lovely look book photos
we have taken since the start. You’ll find links to the gallery at both the top and bottom of the main page.

5. Found a garment that you just fell in love with and wanted to share with the world?
Sharing is just a click away now, with our added buttons that allow you to
share the page on places like Facebook and Pinterest!
So now it’s super easy to let someone (or everyone) know what you want for your birthday..

And finally we hope you like the new look of our website and will love shopping from it!